Poor Misguided Fool

I’m not sure what brought this song to mind today – perhaps people on twitter telling me what I must think about feminism, or perhaps it was the comments on the article on vaccination that I was reading.
Either way, the listening experience was far preferable to either scenario.

Starsailor deserved to go far further than they did. Their debut album Love Is Here was superb, and this was the fifth Top 40 single from it. The great news is that they’ve never actually split up:

On November 13, 2009 it was officially announced by Lancashire Evening Post that Starsailor was on hold and that James Walsh was concentrating on his solo career.

I’ve been regularly checking the Lancashire Evening Post since November 14, 2009 and I can categorically state that there have been no further updates on the Starsailor situation.

Watch this space. Or that space. Your call.

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