…please don’t take a picture

Channelling Michael Stipe:

It’s been a bad day…

…please don’t take a picture.

Student protests” which suddenly(?) seem to be much more than just student protests, a staff member involved in a nasty RTA (he’ll live), the political puppetry of Jacob Zuma and his apparently relentless agenda to ruin the entire country via the Punch & Judy Show which is the National Prosecuting Authority versus the Finance Minister, the fact that I was already feeling rather crap – physically and mentally – before all of this nonsense started.

And it’s not even midday yet.

I do like that REM song though. They need to update the video to HD.
Doing it over an actual news report in SA today would be a good idea.

But equally thoroughly depressing.

2 thoughts on “…please don’t take a picture

  1. Ami Kapilevich > It did. A mini Hurricane Matthew. You’re right. I should be rejoicing at the sight of Table Mountain, water falling (like the fkn Rand) down its sides.
    Also, I have yet to be charged with fraud or theft today, so actually… things are going pretty well.

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