“Playing Table Tennis”

The Molton Brown Boys monthly curry evening was moved forward this month to the 15th. This was due to the Tall Accountant having Chicken Labrador* withdrawal symptoms because we canceled the December meet. Well, I say it was him – I think we were all suffering and when TA just suggested we moved things a fortnight earlier, we jumped at the chance. 

But now this leaves us all with a gaping hole in our hectic social calendars for this week. So the suggestion of a Table Tennis Evening was vaunted at the recent meet.

I watched bewildered, befuddled and bemused as these plans were made in front of my Jhal Frezi and Mint Paratha. But, seeing the enthusiasm and gusto with which the offer was taken up by everyone around the table, I quickly worked out that a “Table Tennis Evening” was actually a codeword for… well… something else. So obviously, I quickly signed up too. Trouble is, I’m actually not sure what for.

Look, I could just go along to the assigned meeting place at the assigned time on the assigned evening and then see how things go.
But… what’s the dress code?
How much cash will I need?
Should I bring drinks? And if so – what? Powerade? Beer? Uitkyk 15-year-old potstill brandy?


Obviously, I have asked, but I always get the same sort of replies: “We’re going to play table tennis,” or “Bring your normal table tennis gear”. But was that a nudge and a wink down the phoneline? Are they assuming that I know more than I do or are we, a group of six 30-something, professional men, going to actually… play table tennis?

The answer, of course, is to prepare for every eventuality (perhaps barring “Gay Disco”) and to head out with an open mind, a wallet full of notes and a boot full of drinks and clothes. Unless, in the interim, anyone can decipher what “Playing Table Tennis” really means.


* never ceases to amuse.

15 thoughts on ““Playing Table Tennis”

  1. Now look, table tennis as a game is huge amounts of fun. But you know…if it’s code…it really does sound like a batty boy type thing.

    I would be wary.

    Goblin´s last blog post was: Coming Clean (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  2. Well well… so the truth is out. I thought Mr 6000 was going to play table tennis. Now i know he is “going to play table tennis” – nudge nudge wink wink!

  3. Goblin > “table tennis as a game is huge amounts of fun”?? So very ghei. But I am wary.

    Wifey > You’re only as worried as I am, believe me.

  4. Po > Hmm. That was my concern.

    Del > Hmm. That also illustrates how not to stand at a gay disco. Yes. Helpful.

    DW > I once saw this amazing show by a Thai lass at a Social Club just north of Oxford. What this chick did was get the ping pong ball and {syntax error at line 340}

  5. Hmmm I’ve never been to one of these “Table Tennis” nights you speak of! Can’t wait to find out what goes on 😆

    Wiggy´s last blog post was: Back to the gym.. (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  6. Quinn > Thanks for reminding me.
    I got trounced at ping pong, wiped the floor with them at air hockey and watched that 0-0 Liverpool game at Wigan.
    And drank beer, obviously.

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