Plans for the Koeberg Interchange

One of my more popular posts is the one where I describe the roadworks taking place on two of the major routes around Cape Town. I don’t know what this says about how interesting this blog is, or indeed how interesting its readers are. All in all, it’s pretty disappointing.

Anyway, at the time that I wrote that piece, details weren’t readily available of the planned improvements to the frankly horrifying junction of the N1 and the M5. But, as any traveller who has recently experienced the joys of Koeberg Interchange – or as the locals call it “F*****g Koeberg Interchange” – will have noted, some grass has been dug up and some mud has been created: construction has begun and we must all be patient.

It’s a virtue…

But what exactly are they constructing? Well, some helpful civil engineer found MS Paint on his PC and had a bit of a play with a picture of Cape Town taken in 1983. And here’s what he came up with:

Koeberg: Soaring bridges

It truly is a thing of beauty, isn’t it? Much like the construction at Hospital Bend, they seem to have taken everything into account and just flung heaps of money at it. Which is no bad thing. My one concern is that “Phase 1” bit in the top corner. Could it be that this junction will never be finished, destined for continual upgrades and improvements? It already seems like they’ve been going for ages and all they’ve done is sunk two holes for bridge supports and cut some bushes down – interestingly, I note – nowhere near anything on that picture above.

There’s more detail to be had on the CapeTalk site, including some rather natty artists impressions of the finished article. It looks like it actually might work. Problem is, we’ve still got another 2½ years before we get to find out…

11 thoughts on “Plans for the Koeberg Interchange

  1. 6k i now belive that it will all come to nothing. no city in the whole world has solved its traffic issues by building more roads. its juts doesnt work. its like solving the shack prolofilation by building houses. IT DOES NOT WORK. the more houses you build the more shacks you get. they should have just put the money into a sexy efficient bus system. that will take the cars off teh road and solve your problem

  2. Is this the same Cape Town that has the flyover to no where?? Have they finished *that* bit of construction yet, or has that just become an expensive white elephant??

    You mention 2 1/2 years… this would indicate *after* the World Cup in 2010… I hope you’re stocking up on candles down there, as I am wondering just how well Eskom are going to cope with all that demand for electricity!

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  3. Helga Hansen » No. The unfinished flyover is still not finished. And yes – this work will not be completed by WC2010, but I don’t think that is a problem.
    As for Eskom – plans are afoot – we’ll manage.

  4. I am so glad we live in PE!

    Although not to be outdone we also have a highway that goes nowhere. Actually wait, that is the street that leads into the town centre!

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  5. A well written article. But there’s no good reason to go anywhere near this interchange.

    Unless you have a fetish for Builders Warehouse, you love the smell of fresh tar, or you have a thing for sweaty men in hardhats.

  6. Roni » Or unless you work just on the far side of it, like I do.
    That said, I do have a fetish for BW and I do love the smell of fresh tar. I’ll leave the sweaty men in hard hats for you though, ok?

  7. See more. Know more. Renders of Koeberg.

    The two major bottlenecks in Cape Town i.e Hospital Bend and Koeberg need to be sorted out before we attempt to improve transport/traffic.



    The city of Cape Town will begin the first phase of its R10 billion BRT system next month. For more on Cape Town’s public transport investments.

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