Pirate Party

This isn’t some late entry for the upcoming municipal elections (although… no), this was the immediate and unequivocal choice of my son when asked what sort of party he wanted for his fifth birthday.

Personally, I couldn’t really see the attraction, but then I wasn’t looking at it through innocent 4.96 year old eyes.

No, what went through my mind was 20 kids taking one of two sides: Some playing poorly organised, desperate Somali gunmen, sweating over whether they’re going to get several million dollars or be shot dead by US Navy Seals while the others pretend to be Malaysian sailors, working under a Panamanian flag of convenience and terrified as to whether they’ll ever get to see their families again. All with cupcakes and the occasional green Fizzer.

Of course, there is a far more romanticised, swashbuckling image of piracy as well. Captain Hook, Captain Blackbeard and (thanks to Charlie and Lola) Captain Squidbones, all searching for buried treasure, parrots on shoulder, cutlasses in hand and eye-patches on… well… eye. And (thankfully, I guess) that’s the image that we’ll be going for.

It all happens this afternoon – had to think about that since this post has been pre-written – so expect photos at some point if things go well, no comment if things are just “ok” and no more blogging ever if it all goes a bit Fukushima.

Kind regards,

6k. (aka R. Jimlad)

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