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Right, first up, this amazing photo from flickr user assassin00708. I have no idea whether he is actually an assassin, but I did spot this on his photostream and thought it deserved sharing.

Which he describes thus:

Photograph taken on Signal Hill looking over the CBD. Sun setting behind Lions head and signal hill with the fog rolling in from the East. Taken 30mins before sun dissappeared. My first real attempt at HDR.
3 Exposure, Tonemapped.

Thanks to man himself for granting permission to use it.
Check out his other work here.

Secondly,  while we are on a photographic theme, manxscenes.com blog is back and is destined for the blogroll – it may already be there by the time you read this. Go check.
I have long been a fan of Peter Killey’s work. Nothing pretentious, nothing overly complicated, just well composed, good quality images of my “other” homeland.
I’m looking forward to seeing more of the same on his happily resurrected blog.

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