I heard this song on the new Peugeot “Pinocchio robot” advert. I liked it: it’s got a quirky, 90s feel to it – and there’s definitely more than a touch of St Etienne in there too.
A quick bit of googling led me to Jabberwocky (featuring Elodie Wildstars) and the song Photomaton.

And then I saw the video:

Yeah. Not at all disturbing or off-putting in any way. [mildly alarmed face] But what a double act.
Sorry about the brief boob and bum, by the way. Well, a bit sorry.

Wikipedia tells us:

Jabberwocky, sometimes stylized as JBBRWCK, is a French electropop band. It was formed in 2013 by three young French producers Camille, Manu and Simon, still studying medicine and all originating from Poitiers, France.

This, their first single, got to number two in the French charts. The follow-up (called Pola, and featuring Golshifteh Farahani and Clara Cappagli) made it to number 172 in the French charts, which must mean that not even everyone in the band bothered to buy a copy. (It’s not that bad.)

Un Hit Wonder, anyone?

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