Permission to fly

“Go West – life is peaceful there,” enthused the Village People and/or the Pet Shop Boys, depending on your age.

But Going West from Cape Town will only bring you to Tristan da Cunha, and while that’s on my bucket list, it’s not going to be a midwinter trip. And if it were, life would certainly not be peaceful there, given the huge cold front rolling in across the South Atlantic this week.

So I’m Going East instead. A three day visit to our next door neighbour(ing province) for the purposes of work and research, driving from ooh – at least here, to almost there. Visiting places I have only ever heard of, and enjoying what looks like balmy weather for the entirety of my stay, before braving the rain only upon landing back in the Mother City.

Boarding pass at the ready, sandwiches packed (because no frills airline, obvs); I’m ready to go and looking forward to it.

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