Perfect Detective

I’m back on Geoguessr, playing on a really enjoyable map with (allegedly, at least) just enough clues at your starting point to work out exactly where you are in the world. And yes, it’s just the right amount of a challenge to get me back into things after a bit of a break.

It’s still worth mentioning that sometimes, more clues aren’t exactly helpful. Initially, I was a little overloaded by this particular spot:

Although, I came right in the end:

And now I know all about Highway 278 and it’s (mostly) east-west route from South Carolina through to Arkansas. Especially this bit in back of beyondville, Alabama.
Will I ever use this information for anything useful? No. Probably not, but that’s not the point.

I’ve done the Brazilian/Peruvian border, a bit of St Petersburg (booooo!) and some downtown Tunis already this morning, and I’m having some fun and getting the old grey matter working a bit.