Peaceful weekend


It’s been a peaceful weekend.
This morning, we headed out to the conveniently local Arderne Gardens in the beautiful autumn sunshine to throw some bread at the ducks; this afternoon, we mainly played with a broken Hoover Aquavac 2200. As you do.

I didn’t bother taking any pictures of the vacuum cleaner (and who can blame me?), but I did get a few of the ducks. My particular favourite is this one:

Bigger here

…which, on closer examination, doesn’t actually feature any ducks at all.

Anyway, even if you don’t like that, then you still might want to try clicking here to see the rest of the set, which is generally less “arty” and more “colourful” and does feature several varieties of “duck”. I promise.

5 thoughts on “Peaceful weekend

  1. You vacuumed up the ducks? No wonder it is broken.

    Sorry, red wine made this a little hard to follow. You should really get that checked 😉

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  2. Po > Ah – that’s because I’m off the sauce at the moment and sober blogging is never quite as good as tipsy blogging. Tipsy blogging is however, much MUCH preferable to full on drunk blogging.
    I’m not about to promote sober reading of 6000 miles… though. That sort of approach is just silly.

  3. Hmm I wanna play with a hoover now 😕

    The photos look good mate. I may have stolen the picture of ducks, without the ducks for my desktop picture! Fancied a new picture 😆 Hope you dont mind

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  4. OL > She’s in my freezer, until I make the orange sauce.

    Wiggy > Not at all – enjoy it. And that’ll be R250. Which is like, nowt in pounds.

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