Paul Yarrow is ‘Background Man’

Great story, this – and one that I’m sure you’ll be able to read on 2oceansvibe in the ever so near future.

It concerns Paul Yarrow, who seems to be cropping up on British TV an awful lot.
Not heard of him? That’s because he’s never credited – he is always DA DA DAHHHHH! Background Man!

Here he is at New Scotland Yard. He’s on the phone and he’s on ITV news:

And then in “Central London”, not on the phone but on the BBC:

And on the phone again outside the High Court.

You can almost hear the reporter saying to her cameraman:
“The fat bloke in the off-white top… He’s behind me again, isn’t he?”

But this is just a tiny, tiny part of Paul’s existence as Background Man: he’s also been behind reporters on Sky, Al Jazeera and Channel 4. He even managed an appearance (in the background, obviously) on Antiques Roadshow. Kudos indeed.
How on earth are we ever going to be able to keep up with his exploits? Well fortunately, this being the internet, someone is busy collating his numerous appearances.
That someone is Steve from

So if you see Pau… if you see Background Man, please email him, not me.

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