Parting shot

Given that IT’S THE MIDDLE OF BLOODY WINTER!!!!!1! here in Cape Town, we thought we’d take ourselves and the kids down to Camps Bay yesterday evening and enjoy some sundowners on the sand. A million (really? – Ed.) other people were also there, snapping away with their smartphones, because it was just that sort of beautiful evening which required instagramming, facebooking and twittering.

I refrained from doing any of those thing, but don’t think you’re going to get away without seeing some sunset action.

Here’s my last shot from my phone as we left the beach:


And there are several more on the camera just itching to be downloaded and shared, but the camera has gone to a crocodile farm with the wife and kids today. So you’ll just have to be patient.

Still. At least you’ve got a nice view while you’re waiting.

UPDATE: Here are those photos.

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