Paris Eagle video

I don’t know about you, but if I had an eagle, I’d definitely strap a camera to it and fling them both off a tall structure in France at the first available opportunity. You can’t do that with a beagle. Well, you can, but beagles can’t fly.

Or can they?


That flying beagle is probably attempting to escape from the angry man whose internet connection he has just eaten.

But I digress. Often.

There’s great news: someone has done the whole tall structure in France thing (with the eagle, not the beagle) using the Eiffel Tower and they’ve posted the results on Youtube:

Some thoughts:

  1. Do eagles have to live with that wind noise all the time? It would drive me mad.
  2. Note how many times the eagle flaps its wings. Pretty much zero. This is how planes work.
  3. The zeroing in on the appropriate guy at the Trocadero is fairly amazing.

The guys at Freedom have used cameras strapped to their eagle to record other videos.
Go and have a look.

Incidentally, here’s what video from a camera strapped to a beagle looks like.
Far less glamorous, far more flappy ears. Just as you’d expect.

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