Another lighthouse

I’m heading down to Agulhas this evening for a much-deserved break, and I’m determined to do some braai’ing, some exercise and some photography, so look out for the results of at least one of those things on here over the weekend. Of course, there’s a famous lighthouse down there too, but this one, in North […]

Chris’ PoA sky & lighthouse p0rn

You know me, dear reader. I like lighthouses. And pretty skies. And the Isle of Man. And other people’s photos. If only someone could combine all of those thi… OMG! – Chris Wormwell has only gone and done it! And I’m unapologetically leaving it large. That’s the Point of Ayre Lighthouse (you may remember it […]

Just another lighthouse pic…?

I have worked out that the Umhlanga (can you pronounce it correctly?) lighthouse is the most photographed in South Africa. That conclusion comes from looking for photos of various SA lighthouses on Flickr and the North Durban one being by far the most plentiful in the search window. Yes, many lighthouses are iconic landmarks, but not […]

Weird Internet Problem and a Manx Lighthouse

I’m having a weird internet problem. I thought it was due to my ADSL connection at home, but now I’m having the same issue at work as well. I can’t look at my blog. “Lucky Bastard!” I hear you cry. And you could well be right, but it’s also a bit annoying. Afrihost don’t seem […]

South Africa’s New Baby Lighthouse

Y’all know I have a thing for lighthouses. Fortunately, living near the coast, there are a ready supply for me to enjoy. One of the ones a bit further away from home is the Robberg Peninsular Light which, as the name suggests is sited on the er… Robberg Peninsular. You may remember the Robberg Peninsular […]