Speed Kills

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have returned to the Southern Suburbs Tatler. And therein to the Letters Page. That’s where I found this beautiful piece of writing. Although, having described it thus, I should point out that I do have a few issues with it, which I will share below: Speed Kills On Monday March 11, […]

Weather news from afar

While we are having a rather wet and windy day in Cape Town, according to Sky News it seems that the UK is bracing itself for equally nasty weather over the days ahead. Gale force winds and heavy rain are forecast to lash many parts of the country today as stormy conditions, usually only experienced […]

What exactly happened up at the university?

Ah, the bizarre otherworldliness of the Southern Suburbs Tatler letters page. We’ve mentioned it here several times before, but yesterday’s edition gave us no less than two (2) examples of just how odd the folk that write into this freebie rag are. Firstly, a simple and straightforward request from Douglas Rose-innes of Rondebosch: I am […]

Capetonian woman continually surprised by events

News just in: Capetonian Margaret Wilson (61) of Diep River, has admitted to being “almost permanently bewildered” by what she describes as “a continuous stream of surprising events” which she claims are plaguing her life. Yesterday, my son-in-law asked if I had registered the card in my cellphone. I asked him why I needed to […]

Counter Attacks

“When I’m feeling blue, all I have to do, is take a look at you, then I’m not so blue.” So sang Phillip “it is here” Collins in his hit Against All Odds. Quite why he couldn’t find another word to rhyme with “blue”, particularly with the massive lexicographical selection available to him, I have no […]