Clarkson on Jozi

Jeremy Clarkson has been to Johannesburg. And he didn’t get mugged, hijacked, shot, stabbed or killed in any way whatsoever. I could reproduce the whole article here, but I won’t – click his name if you want that. Meanwhile, here’s just a little taster. Jo’burg has a fearsome global reputation for being utterly terrifying, a lawless […]

Is Zuma appealing?

Well, not to a lot of people as our future President anymore, since fraud and corruption charges were re-instated against him yesterday, following the National Prosecuting Authority’s successful appeal against Zuma’s previous appeal to get the charges against him dropped was overturned. It remains to be seen whether, having considered the NPA’s successful appeal against Zuma’s […]

Where have you been?

Rumour and intrigue have been surrounding the recent paucity of posts on 6000 miles… There were pleas and rebukes on Facebook. There were personal emails filled with concern and bitter allegations. There was even a phone call, although to be fair, that turned out to be a wrong number.  But while readers speculated wildly, none of […]