Yes, it’s finally just (about) 48 hours until Bastille play Kirstenbosch Gardens, which is something I’ve been looking forward to for quite a long time now. Sadly, the weather forecast is currently not looking so hot. Or dry. Hmm. As with all Kirstenbosch concerts, the show goes ahead no matter what the weather throws our way.

Still, I’ve done plenty of concerts in the rain before, so herewith Overjoyed – perhaps the most underrated song on their Bad Blood album – with its unnecessarily complex Alt-J-style drum machine background and David Lynch-esque “girl next door buries diary in woods and becomes a prostitute” themed video.

Looking at their recent setlists, we can expect to hear Overjoyed on Wednesday evening, which will please me, if no-one else.

If you’re going along on either Wednesday or Friday, here are the times that things will be happening (valid for both evenings):

17:00 – Gates Open at Kirstenbosch Gardens
19:05 – Bed On Bricks
20:20 – Bastille
21:30 – Concert ends

Expect parking chaos and potentially *gasp* mud.
But above all, expect Dan Smith, his hair and that voice.

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