(Over?) Friendly Courier Guy

It’s decorating time chez nous and new light fittings for the living room are the order of the day. While we managed to source one locally, the other had to be bought online from a company in Boksburg, way up North. No issues though, because they swiftly and efficiently arranged for the fitting to be shipped down to us and the whole thing – from order to delivery – was completed in a very impressive 48 hours.

That delivery guy though. He was friendly. VERY friendly. Tactile, even. It all seemed a little uncomfortable at the time, but it was only when I looked the waybill again last night that I finally understood:


Check out that tagline: it’s all part of the service. He was just doing his job.

And I have to say that he was doing it well, too. Given the large and somewhat unwieldy nature of my package, he handled it beautifully. It was treated with great care and careful attention and appears to have come through the whole process completely unscathed. Everyone gathered round the dining room table and they were all very impressed when it was unwrapped so that they could check it out.

I’m obviously looking forward to getting it up this weekend, once I’ve given it a quick polish.

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