Outrageous penalty

Ben O’Connor netted the 3rd period penalty winner for Team GB against the mighty (seriously, they were group favourites) South Koreans to seal an outstanding comeback 3-2 in Eindhoven.

But it’s less what he did, more how he did it. Filthy skillz!

It took me until the second replay to work out what he did here. No wonder the keeper didn’t get near it.

Great Britain had already beaten Croatia and Estonia in the tournament. Two more wins in their remaining games (against the Netherlands and Lithuania) will guarantee their promotion into the second-tier Division 1A, leaving them tantalisingly close to playing with the Big 16 teams in the Championship section of international ice hockey.

2 thoughts on “Outrageous penalty

  1. I’ve watched the slow mo, the super slow mo, the reverse angle ultra-slow mo, and I still can’t see what the hell happened there.

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