Outrage first, think later

Here’s an interesting comment from “World’s Best Father” Dave Engledow.

You may remember him from such posts as the one above and the infamous – and so recognisable – Bargaining Ratios.

It’s Thanksgiving time in America, and Dave is recalling the outrage that ensued when he posted this picture on his Facebook feed:


In his words:

I think the negative reactions must have come from people who saw this image in their friends’ newsfeed and didn’t realize what they were looking at, but the expressions of shock and anger from complete strangers kept me amused all day after I posted it.
What killed me was that people thought this was a real picture, never even stopping to question the fact that they were looking at a 20 month old child holding a 14 pound turkey in one hand, let alone all of the other jokes hiding in plain sight in this image.  I think sometimes people get so caught up in wanting to believe in the stupidity of others, that they themselves end up looking, well..you know.

See, what I’ve done is to get caught up in this trap in the title of this post. So anxious to point out others’ misplaced outrage that I assumed that they had thought afterwards. This is obviously not what happens in slacktivist outrage.


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