Out of My Head

Curry last night was the best: Bihari never disappoints. Medium hot chicken jal frezi, cheese and chili naan. Interstitial Black Labelage. Inevitable mention of Padel. A cooling don/dom/john pedro to cool it all down. Discussions on upper body fitness. Tonsillitis germs provided by a pop-in visitor.

And just what is going on with Bishops Rugby?

Right now though, a change of mood and pace: it’s the new one from First Aid Kit. This is Out Of My Mind from the upcoming album Palomino, out November 4th. It’s a more poppy version of their usual country style, and follows on from the hugely successful Angel.

I could have been a DJ, but things just didn’t work that way.
And now, just after 8am, it’s time for the news.