Out of it

I’m feeling a bit out of touch today. The phone line at the lab, together with the phone lines of several other businesses nearby, was chopped through by a digger in an unfortunate telecommunication-wire-severage-during-some-roadworks incident and we were left wholly incommunicado for the entire day. Stuff could have happened and I wouldn’t have known about it. (Although, looking back, it appears that stuff didn’t actually happen.)
Lab work and filing could only fill up some of the hours and so I headed home early to sort out my emails. It seems unlikely that the problem will be fixed before Monday which gave me an idea as to how to generate more long weekends in the future.
Now all I need is a digger.

The emailing is now done and the world is saved – temporarily, at least. Someone else will have to save it in future, because once I’ve got my digger, I’m going to be too busy digging stuff up and severing phone lines to be saving the world.

And now – errands. Because, as I learned today, when one leaves work early, one should never mention that to one’s wife. She will give you errands to do. But of course, if you don’t mention it to your wife, then it looks a bit suspicious. Perhaps the best way out of this difficult devil and a hard place dilemma is not to have a wife. At least, not mine. Not that you could have her anyway.

And so, Pick n Pay here I come.
Who said the life of a internationally-recognised blogger and part-time microbiologist isn’t glamorous?

Actually, I think that was me. Fairly regularly.

5 thoughts on “Out of it

  1. You can always phone the wife and ask her to run the errands first, before she can! You have to be the fastest gun.

  2. I wuz wondering why it was all quiet on the Western Cape front… now I know! 🙂

    I think a digger is a fab idea – you can use it to dig yourself out of any holes you find yourself in… oh, wait… hang on – I think I’ve got that wrong somehow – I think it will mean you dig yourself deeper… 😉

  3. Oh man I am so out of it too and I don’t need no digger. I need a year’s sleep. So what was the NEWS??? you were going on about on my blog?? You were stringing me along weren’t you, and in my tired state I fell for it.
    .-= po´s last blog ..Back =-.

  4. Emil > I had no idea they needed doing. She invented them on the spot.

    HH > I dig what you’re saying.

    Po > There is no “NEWS?!??!??”. There’s not even any news.
    Hope you have got some sleep now.

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