Out and about

We’re out and about doing an outdoors thing away from Cape Town today, and why not, given that there will be no electricity to do anything indoors at all. Yes, Granddad is getting a true South African experience with (as it stands) 11½ hours without power today. I jest, but it’s actually pretty scary stuff: the schools are still on holiday, many people haven’t gone back to work yet after the summer break: demand should be low. That Eskom can’t even keep up – they’re not even close – is very worrying and doesn’t augur well for the coming year, especially as at least a quarter of that year is forecast to be winter.

This is supposed to be the easy bit.

Anyway, onto more positive matters. Today should be fun (if you’re reading this, we’ve likely already started) and I’ll surely share some photos on here or on The ‘Gram (link top right) a little later.

Have a great day and don’t forget to charge your devices.