That other departmental concert warning

The Western Cape Education Department’s warning that children must not miss school simply because they are going to see (or have seen) the Justin Bieber concert in Cape Town on Wednesday evening has been widely circulated.

Paddy Attwell, WCED spokesman, said that the Education Department had no problem with kids attending the concerts but if any students chose to miss school, they would be dealt with internally based on the individual school’s code of conduct.

A crowd of around 50,000 is expected and many of them will be children, so it could be that Paddy et al will have their work cut out for them.

However, less well publicised was the similar warning from another Western Cape Department regarding the Bon Jovi concert on Tuesday evening at the Cape Town Stadium. We’re here to put that right.

The Western Cape Department of Geriatric Affairs has become aware of many requests to Old Age, Frail Care and Retirement facilities across the province regarding the temporary removal of patients and residents from facilities ahead of the upcoming Bon Jovi concert at Cape Town Stadium, Tuesday 7th May 2013.

We are aware that due to the nature of this concert and the artists playing, the uptake from our patients and residents will be high.

While the Department appreciates the efforts of the families and friends of patients taking them to cultural experiences, it should be noted that guardians should remember that due to their advanced age, patients and residents may experience confusion, bewilderment and/or death as a result of the excitement of seeing one of the great rock bands of 30 years ago.
However, those persons responsible for the elderly should please remind their charges that this is no longer the 1980s and that their cardiovascular systems, joints and energy levels will have diminished significantly since that decade.

Extra paramedics,resuscitation  equipment, defibrillators and frail care facilities are being laid on at the Stadium to cater for the those of advanced age who are expected to make up the majority of the audience for this concert.

In addition, we are aware of plans to take many Zimmer frames from our facilities for a promised special version of the song “Wanted, Dead or Alive” featuring the line “I’m a cowboy, on a steel frame I walk”. Residents and patients are reminded that removal of Departmental equipment from our premises is not permitted and will not be tolerated even in these exceptional circumstances.

The Department wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable experience on Tuesday evening and looks forward to seeing all their patients and residents back for a nice cup of tea and some biscuits on Wednesday morning. Shall we say 10ish?


Rock on…

5 thoughts on “That other departmental concert warning

  1. 10-ish? I may be awake by then.

    I have acknowledged that I don’t do as well on less than 4 hours sleep as I did back in the 80’s and 90’s, so I have made appropriate arrangements for tomorrow. I’ve taken a days leave, and plan to spend it resting, at least until lunch time.

    I am also doing as little as possible today in order to conserve energy. However, no guarantees exist on whether or not I will be able to speak at said tea party tomorrow morning. I may be a little (lot?) hoarse.

  2. I forwarded the warning on to my gran – she replied with:
    “It’s my life
    It’s now or never
    I ain’t gonna live forever”

    Cranky in her old age.

  3. Gary > Enjoy. And your day off ahead of Biebs tomorrow as well.

    Pamela > Feisty. I see where you get it from now.

  4. Pamela > You got lucky. When the world gets in my face I say: “Have a nice day”

    PS…Bon Jovi sure know what they’re doing on a stage…150 minutes of pure rock legend.

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