Hate your job?

Obviously, being a research scientist [only ever so slightly back from being] right on the cutting edge of science, this isn’t a problem that I face on a daily basis. Because mundane stuff like malfunctioning incubators, staff on long-term sick leave and a soul-destroyingly meagre paycheck never make you feel like work is a struggle and that you would have been far better off as an astronaut or a train driver like you wanted to be when you were 5. Those things don’t apply to cutting edge research science. Oh no.

Still, it’s nice to know that there are options, should you, you know, ever feel that way.

Fullscreen capture 2016-03-10 121149 PM.bmp

That advice (as you can probably see) supplied to us by @Michael1979, whose timeline makes it look like he’s never faced these sort of issues.

2 thoughts on “Options

  1. Try being an accountant for 30 years, never mind only anywhere between 9.5 and 14 years left depending on how much super I save, unless I go option 2.

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