Open Your Eyes

Some Snow Patrol, I think. Not because this blog is anything to do with Grey’s Anatomy (who love Snow Patrol rather too much) – we’re far more dramatic (and medically plausible) than that. No, some Snow Patrol because this video for Open Your Eyes features Paris, which is where I should be arriving this afternoon.

Yes, I’m writing this post way in advance and yes, this sort of thing has gone horribly wrong before with European capital city trips.

Incidentally, we at 6000 miles… in no way condone the reckless behaviour of the driver in this video, but we do still think the idea is pretty cool and we do wish that we could give something like this a go one day in Cape Town.

For those interested, the film used is called C’était un Rendezvous (“It was a date”) and was filmed by Claude Lelouch in 1976.
Here’s the wiki.

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