Fair play to our local vets. They opened at 8am after the Christmas break, the beagle was in their rooms by half past, and by 1pm, she’d been x-rayed and we’d been given some vastly expensive options to get her repaired. We came home, had a quick family discussion, made a decision, rang the vet back, and boom: the beagle is off to Paarl for her op tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, she has been mostly sleeping after her sedation earlier, only raising her head for a biscuit and only drunkenly wandering into the kitchen for a bit of gravy.

But there is clearly a bit more energy returning as the medication wears off, so at least she’ll get a good meal in this evening ahead of the nil by mouth of tomorrow morning.

This should be a routine op, with a couple of days in hospital and a few weeks of rehab. But please hold thumbs for this next installment of Project Colin.