Only in PE…

With all the pro-PE propaganda around of late, it’s important to ensure that we don’t all get carried away and we remember that PE is still PE.

This story has been doing the rounds on twitter in South Africa today, but by tomorrow, it will be gone. Then next week it’ll appear for 24 hours on Facebook and then it will be gone forever and ever.

Therefore, it’s my job to ensure that it is recorded here for posterity. So here goes:

A Port Elizabeth man’s neck was broken when the dog’s leash he was wearing got stuck in the wheel of his car, Beeld newspaper reported on Monday.

Rob Emslie, 47, had worn the leash around his neck from time to time after his dog Sheevah died about five weeks ago.
His friend Andy Green told the newspaper Emslie got a new dog but struggled to get over the death of Sheevah.

He was wearing the leash when he visited a restaurant in Kragga Kamma last Monday.

Green said that when Emslie got into his car and closed the door, he did not notice a large part of the leash was hanging outside the car.
As he reversed, the leash got stuck in the wheel and broke his neck.

Police Captain Stanley Jarvis confirmed the incident.

Emslie’s new dog was with him at the time and drew the attention of a passer-by by jumping in and out of an open window of the car.

The new dog had not been seen since, Beeld reported.

Some stories don’t require any further comment.

This is one of those stories, except to say: Only in PE…

3 thoughts on “Only in PE…

  1. It must be horrid for his family and friends to have it laughed at all over the internet, especially as it happened last month.

  2. Pamela > Indeed. This looks like the report (mine) of a report (Beeld’s) of a report (PE Herald).
    I agree – perhaps difficult for family and friends – but I think that any death can be publicised; the fact that this one is so very unusual/bizarre means it will inevitably be publicised more.

  3. and here I thought you were going to make a comment about how long it takes for news to get out of PE….. what with us needing to use smoke signals and drums etc.

    At least we now have our entrant to this years Darwin Awards

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