One last day

Getting this written early, because it’s clear that even the local cell network is not coping with more than 10 hours without power each day. The batteries in the towers run down during the first lot of loadshedding, never fully recover before the second, and simply die before the third session has finished. And it’s only going to get worse because they’re starting from progressively lower percentages each time.

It’s not good.

Thankfully, there are other distractions here, like the beach, the braai, the dunes, and several (or more) family games to play.

Oh, and the sunsets – very pretty stuff last night (unedited):

After yesterday’s run, I managed another wander this morning on the very soft sand and into a hellish headwind to get a few snaps of Mrs 6000 on her beach ride (horse, before you ask).

And now, another gentle day before a walk round to the local lighthouse and a decision of whether to braai again this evening or head to the local pub. Both options have their merits, and for the moment, I’m completely undecided.

Long live pretending that this sort of thing being the most taxing problem I have to face.