On waking up

A convenient lack of obligations in Cape Town means that we can eke out our stay in Agulhas until Monday, thus (hopefully) avoiding all of the holidaymakers heading home this weekend.

Unless they’ve all had the same idea. I hadn’t considered that.

Anyway, that’s the plan and we’re sticking to it. It will mean a bit of an early start on Monday though, and that could be problematic.

Generally, I don’t struggle with getting up early. I mean: I’d rather not, but who honestly likes dragging themselves from a nice warm bed at 6 in the morning to get the kids ready and off to school and to feed the beagle?
Add to that the late night drama of the previous evening’s football from the UK with its 2 hour delay, and I might rightfully feel a bit knackered. But generally, I just get up, get it done and all is well. However, while in holiday mode, things have changed. A late night is now 10:30pm and an early morning is anything before 9am. And then I’ve been slipping in the odd afternoon nap as well.
I don’t have any problem with my behaving this way – it’s a holiday after all – but I think that getting back into the swing of things is going to be rather tough.

And so a trip tomorrow morning to a destination access to which is very much low tide dependent will certainly be test. Especially given that low tide is at 0928 tomorrow. And that means waking up at around 7am.

I’m not sure how I’m going to manage, but watch this space for more details…

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