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A regular reader mentioned today that he checks this blog 6 times a day for updates. He went on to say that he can remember a time when I used to write once a day “but then something happened and it slowed down”.
And he’s right, of course.
Not on the checking the blog thing – that’s just silly – that’s what the RSS feed is for.

But things have slowed down and life has changed. After the excitement of the 2009 election and the 2010 World Cup, things have become much more settled in SA. And added to that, while there’s always the local newspapers to write about (letters pages especially), I’m so busy lately that I can hardly even afford the time to annoy local cartoonists with my entirely justified personal opinions on the latest political issues. Although that’s not so much the writing the actual post as much as always getting the last word in in the comments.

Or “replying” as I like to call it.

Still, at least I’ve never thought of taking a summer break, as some bloggers do. But maybe that’s just because it’s not summer.

Sometimes, I find myself wandering through the internet, looking for inspiration or something to plagiarise. But I’m beginning to get the idea that the internet has shrunk and I’ve seen all the good bits already. I could always fall back on quota photos, but that was really only acceptable during the “post a day” era. Although I’ve done unacceptable things before.

Maybe it’s time to relive those days. Not the unacceptable ones, but maybe it is time to head back to a post a day. I’ll consider it, because after all, those heady times were rather taxing, but the regular reader seemed to enjoy them.

But even he is going to be disappointed 5 times a day.

6 thoughts on “On this blog

  1. Annoy “local cartoonists”?

    Nah. It takes a bit more to annoy us. Not even proposed media-tribunals-and-stuff annoy us. In fact, they give us material.

    Yours is one of the best local blogs and certainly worthy of a post per day. Or two (hey, what’s one more post between communists?)

    I’ll keep checking the RSS thingamajig.

  2. 6 times a day is scary, a true fan maybe, sounds more like a stalker. Keep the posts coming, I enjoy reading them.

  3. I would also like to point out that I am only a regular reader due to my daily intake of bran and fibre.

  4. Reflex > You don’t have to comment 6 times a day too. 🙂

    Jeremy > Thank you – I know it’s a big thing for you to compliment a commie.

    Stan > Thanks. I will keep up the good work.

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