9 thoughts on “Old SA flag at Force v Cheetahs game in Perth

  1. Like it or not, that flag WAS the flag of this country. And yes, it flew over an era when many wrongs were done. BUT it also flew over this country at a time when we had some of the best parastatal instituations anywhere in the world (you need only think of our state hospitals at that time to know they were world reknowned institutions). And at least that flag had a meaning.

    And let’s be honest here, if one is going to hold the flag accountable as a symbol of the regime of the day, the Union flag has quite a bit to answer for too, as does the current meaningless assembly of colours inspired by a y-front underpant. Mind you, given those in power at present, I suppose that’s pretty appropriate.

    Basically, what I’m saying is that this isn’t worth the fuss that’s being made about it. So bloody what if they flew the old flag at a rugby match? It doesn’t mean anything other than that they’re expat South Africans supporting the South African team.

  2. It most definitely is a symbol of previous oppression to the majority of our countrymen. People waving this flag in a public arena are fully aware of that. It certainly is not them just supporting their team. It’s support for a long-gone and shameful era. I’m really not sure what purpose arguing otherwise will achieve, other than a perception of you that I’m truly hoping you wouldn’t want.

  3. > Gary

    Reminds of the recent removal of the “flag of oppression” at the castle in Cape Town. An opponent of the removal wrote to a local paper to voice dismay at “loss of history”. A weak argument: visit Berlin and seek the swatiska, equally symbolic of “wrongs being done”…

    The current SA flag seems an ugly combination of Jamaica-meets-France! 😉

  4. @ Ronnie: So you know those people then? And you know that they’re supporters of the former Nationalist Government (who, let me remind you, weren’t the sole inventors of what became apartheid, despite what the ANC would have you believe)?

    You don’t know that. You’re inferring a meaning on something that may not be there.

    It may have been a symbol of repression to many, but to others it was something to be proud of. Not because they supported the policies of the government of the day, but because it represented an independant South Africa. It was ours. And ours alone. It represented freedom from our colonial masters. It wasn’t all bad.

    But hey, buy the ANC rhetoric if you wish, and I’m going to leave it here, but I’m going to choose to remember ALL the history, not just the bits that perpetuate the hatred.

  5. See, I disagree that they were “just SA expats supporting the SA team”. Perhaps in the past, that flag stood for something more than just the Apartheid regime, but now, it stands for something entirely different. People – SA residents or expats – know that, and if they choose to still fly it, it is as a demonstration of their support of those beliefs.
    Or do you really think that waving it in Perth was actually just to tell the rugby watching world “Hey, remember back when we had those really great parastatals?”. Yeah.

    None of the Cheetahs team would agree with you that the old SA flag was of support to them. They, like the vast majority of the SA public would rather never see it again; here or on their TV screens.

  6. Yes I know each and every one of them. As do you obviously. That’s not really the point. Unless they’ve been living under a rock for the past decades (even Australia has news) they most definitely know what that flag represents to most. And yes waving it is disrespectful distasteful and deliberately so. Doesn’t matter how you attempt to extenuate it. It’s like saying that the swastika has other symbolism too so it’s ok to wave it as a nod to those good ole days in Germany.

  7. I am surprised the Cheetahs did not appeal to their fans post match not to fly that flag, nor did they apologize on behalf of the fans not withstanding the fact that they did not send someone to ask those culprits not to fly the old flag. I am extremely dissapointed, and thank you Australia for welcoming crap heads into your country, remember they multiply and reproduce, so good luck to your future problems !

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