Old Finnish People With Things On Their Heads


I’m not feeling great. A viral thing and a lack of sleep due to said viral thing are conspiring to bring me down. At times like this, as a daily blogger (and having not yet daily blogged), one heads to one’s Pocket.

Here’s one of the things I found therein:

Says Lara Sanchez:

I’m Lara Sanchez, communications designer. I love traveling, yoga, paper crafts and lemurs. I am also addicted to milk.

Right. And then once we’d been introduced, this:

Photographers, Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen came up with something truly peculiar and special, in their photo series “Eyes As Big As Plates”. Their subjects are old, super serious and Finnish, all while wearing ridiculous “organic” head pieces and attire…need I say more?

Nope. I think we’re all done here.

See more OFPWTOTH by clicking through to Lara’s site here.

All that’s missing is any sort of explanation.

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