Ok, fair enough

I spotted this clip on the internet earlier today, and I really like it.

I guess it appeals to me especially today because it’s Tuesday, which means it’s football day. And whether it’s watching United or playing against whomever, like anyone who’s into sport, I can get pretty riled up and opinionated – even to the point of irrationality.

A moment here to remind you that it’s absolutely fine to be irrational as long as you know that you are being irrational.

That said, I’m at an age now where I don’t get dragged into arguments on the football pitch anymore. That’s not to say that I don’t get too irritated by lazy referees or those who make up rules while we’re playing. But I’ll have my say and then I’ll get on with it. Not much point in carrying on – we’re there to play footy, not to debate just how poor the refereeing is.

Save that for the beers afterwards.

The same with watching football. I can clearly see when something is wrong, and I get annoyed by it, but there’s always the realisation that I can’t do anything about it.

I might seeth quietly for a while, but that will be all.

Usually, anyway.

And if I’m not right, then I’ll admit it. Just like this bloke.

Because in the heat of the moment, referees do get things wrong. But then, often, so do players.
I love the sudden understanding when he watches the replay.

Ok. Fair enough. Good call.