Oh Emm Gee

Those of you fortunate enough to know me will be aware that I am rarely lost for words. Any potential struggling around in difficult social situations can usually be avoided by my finding some witty or pertinent remark, about 5% of which land me in trouble. But it’s worth taking the chance. Usually.

Mrs 6k hit the speechless nail on the head with her Christmas gift for me this year, though.
In fact, speechless was just part of the reaction. I was stunned, overwhelmed, overcome and speechless. All at the same time.
It took a strong brandy or eight before I could even react at all.

Of course, those who are fortunate enough to know Mrs 6k will be aware that she has always been known for her imaginative ideas in the field of gifting.

But this time she completely outdid herself with a couple of tickets to a little farewell concert in December 2010.

In Oslo.

Just 341 sleeps to go. Oh Emm Gee.

9 thoughts on “Oh Emm Gee

  1. What a pressie!

    I am in fact very pleased with mine too.

    But it’s a secret!

    *plugs iPod Shuffle into ears*

  2. Merry Christmas!!!

    I do hope you had a smashing time! I know I did… our church service was a bit boring… I have never wanted to be Catholic so much in my life, and attend Midnight Mass at the Vatican 🙂

    Mother seems to be in a good mood… at least she was until Harry shared a “joke” with us at the lunch table…

    “Statistically… 9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape.”

    Everyone was aghast… except for father of course… he had a bemused look about him.

    I am awfully glad that mummy didn’t invite that awful Fergie up for the week, her retarded progeny are more than enough to deal with!

    Well, I need to be off, we are going hunting and I am in the mood to shoot the hell out of some defenseless animal!

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