Oh Christ – we beat the pigs!

Such were the unusual circumstances in which I found myself over the weekend and such were the demands of Sky TV for a Friday evening kick off that I’ve just had a “oh christ, I’ve left the iron on!” moment.


I can’t believe I didn’t blog about this earlier, but I see no harm in blogging about it now.


Not that there’s much to blog about. Thrilling game. We won, they didn’t.

Which is all as it should be.

5 thoughts on “Oh Christ – we beat the pigs!

  1. Of course we won. Nothing more needs to be said. it’s just apity I’mnot in Sheffield to enjoy it even more.

  2. Long time no speak mate! Looked like an awesome game from the highlights. Hoping to get my tickets for the Away game at Bramall Lane in November mate! Had a decent start to the season

  3. D > Remind them of it when you get home.

    Wiggy > Howzit? Why haven’t I been visitng your site…? Umm – didn’t you stop writing?

    Emil > Thank you. I was particularly good.

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