Offence and Outrage

It has become de rigueur nowadays to take offence and be outraged at anything and everything. Some of the minuscule things that prompt outrage these days are such that I swear there are some people that go out of their way to seek out reasons to be offended and stuff to be outraged by. I’ve mentioned the transient, ridiculously subjective and thoughtless nature of modern day outrage in posts previously, but, as ever, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this cartoon took my fancy (and I’m going to be outraged unless it gives my fancy back):

outrageTo be fair, while this demonstrates the selfish, subjective and hypocritical character of offence, many would not have got that far, already having been up in arms at the use of the term “Green Idiot” (although if you’d seen that party’s election manifesto in the UK, you’d probably agree wholeheartedly). Then, of course, “Moron” is discriminatory against… er… morons, and defining someone by their colour (whatever that may be) is obviously right out, isn’t it?

In sharing this cartoon (ironically, sometimes a fairly dangerous thing to do, because “offence”) and documenting my thoughts on this subject, I’m not expecting anything to change.

Not for the better, anyway.

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