I shared this elsewhere yesterday, but that doesn’t stop me sharing it here today.

Firstly, the bad news. It’s a door handle. I want to tell you about a door handle.

How exciting can that be? Well, I think it’s pretty cool, actually:

So, you and the family is going on this big vacation and just as you finish locking up everything and shut the main door, your wife calls out – hon, did you check the gas and switch-off all the lights? Sounds familiar? How about if you had the ‘Off’ installed! It is a door handle with connections to your mains like gas supply and electricity. Simply switch off both or either one of the services by rotating the dial and flip it back to activate it all. Super cool and innovative I tell ya!

Look, we don’t have gas here, but we do have a two water heaters and a pool pump which would CHOW electricity (despite this) if we left them on while we headed down to Agulhas (or wherever).

What a brilliant idea: saves electricity and gas, reduces nagging, saves time, prevents stress.


3 thoughts on “Off

  1. All fun and games until the neighborhood delinquent figures it out and turns off your electricity are inopportune times…

  2. Yes, I can quite see how the neighbourhood kids could find this an amusing toy to play with. Except that in my house it wouldn’t be installed on an outside door, but the door between the house and the garage, which, thinking about it, would make it all slightly unnecessary since I could simply take two steps left, reach out and turn off the geyser (and if properly installed) the pool pump anyway…

    Actually, I flip two trip switches and I switch off the entire house except the kitchen…which would be convenient except that then I’d not get my PVR recordings, and that will result in a whole lot of nagging and stress…

  3. Just noticed something. Pretty sure you wouldn’t want to set the “fuction” as you want

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