Nothing to see here

Just a Maltese Airbus A340 overhead on its way in from Wolf’s Fang Airport:

As you do.

Looking at the flight path and time, I knew where it was. I just didn’t know what it was.
So I looked it up. Knowledge is power and all that.

And now I want to go there. Luxury Antarctic Tours. Wow.

It all seems very well appointed. Including the runway itself.

Some issues, granted. I’d prefer just about anything other than a plain black screen to represent “satellite communication”. And that “dedicated medical team” does indeed look dedicated, but somewhat under -equipped.

But in fact, the only real issue is the price.

$104,000 is R1,808,164.80. Or just over a quarter of a million Rand A DAY! For the basic package.

My fok, Marelize.

Why not take the whole family for a couple of weeks?