Not tonight, dear

Great weekend, but the journey back was punctuated by a couple of unscheduled stops for vomiting.
Well, of course they were unscheduled. Who schedules vomiting these days?

Thus, we have one sick child upstairs. At times like this, blogging comes second, so please excuse me for this evening.

5 thoughts on “Not tonight, dear

  1. Silly kid, clearly you’re raising him/her wrong… 😉

    And I can feel your pain. We went caravaning a couple of weeks back, and ended up spending the weekend with Pukey Monster 1 AND 2…and in that confined space, let me just say, it wasn’t pleasant.

    At all.

    Happily we did have spare blankets. So only Dad got to freeze.

  2. Gary > No, it’s not nice. And actually, both our two were sick on the way back home.

    Ronnie > He. But not sure. It doesn’t always work so well.
    Shame. He was very floppy when we put him to bed on Sunday, but they have bouncebackability, don’t they?

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