Not much longer

Not feeling great today, so quick quota photo taken from the Elton John concert the other night.

Those are Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs in the sun, Goodwood through to Bellville. And in the foreground, in the shadow of the mountain, Newlands Stadium.
Somewhere between the two (towards the right) is the Athlone Power Station, whose two iconic cooling towers are due for demolition on 30th May this year, prompting a storm of protest from some quarters that it is happening “so close to the World Cup”. 

I don’t think they realise that it’s more likely to take 12 seconds than 12 days.

2 thoughts on “Not much longer

  1. HH > I will find a suitable vantage point. But no plans to build anything there. This is an urgent measure as one of the towers lost its reinforcing rings recently. If you look at this pic:
    …you’ll see that the tower on the right doesn’t have the horizontal rings like the one on the left. That’s because they fell off – might not look much, but that’s a good few thousand tonnes of concrete. The pile of wreckage at the base is about 25ft high.

    They wanted to pull them down sooner, but the council fell foul of the relevant tender rules and regs, so end of May is the soonest it can be done (in a controlled manner).

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