Not advisable

I was listening to some Muse again this week. It is good gym music.

This one was their latest: Euphoria. But there was this lyric, which I had to go and check on the Spotify:

Look, maybe you’re just being a bit dramatic about this, but if you are genuinely sealed off and running out of air, then absolutely the last thing you want to be doing is starting a fire. Because the bit of the remaining air that you want to use is the oxygen, and once that expires, so will you.

Jeez. Don’t they teach the fire triangle at schools in Devon?

I don’t know how much space you have in your sealed off place, but really, I cannot emphasise this enough: do not start a fire. Aside from the oxygen implications above, there will be hot and potentially toxic gases given off during the combustion process, and in an airtight environment, asphyxiation becomes a real danger.

And then there’s the fire itself. That stuff is hot. Even overlooking the rest of the issues (which you can’t really do, anyway), it will make the space uncomfortably warm, given the aforementioned lack of air exchange.

And if this whole fire thing is all just a metaphor, the actions involved “spicing up this love affair” would still be unwise, given your current predicament. If you are going to increase your physical activity, maybe utilise it in a more constructive (but potentially less fun, granted) way and try and find someway of escaping. Or at least making some sort of rudimentary vent. That way, there should be plenty of time for fire starting, spicing up your love affair and general euphoria.

I’m surprised you haven’t thought this through.