Not a photography trip

And that’s my excuse for this.

I’m down in Agulhas: a quick trip to review some work, rather than any sort of pleasure or leisure, but I’ll never say no to the opportunity to spend some time here.

And I brought a few lenses, tripod, monopod, spare batteries and cleaning kit, and an array of SD cards. Because while this isn’t a photography trip, there will always be something to take photographs of.


I left my actual camera in my office at home.

To be fair, this was a bit of an unusual one: no kids, no dog, a full toolbox to bring down with us, a Saturday morning departure and even a different bedroom. So I was clearly thrown out of my usual routine.

But suddenly, as is always the way when you don’t have a camera to hand, everything is a photo. Remember this?

And it is a remarkably pretty day down here at the Southern Tip.

Sadly, you’ll just have to take my word for it.