North Cape

At the other end of the world from us, but sharing some of our nomenclature, is North Cape – right at the top of Russia, deep within the Arctic Circle and not far from the big red and white striped pillar known as the North Pole. Photographer Andrei Shapran has been there taking photos since 2005.

It looks a bit chilly.

The page is in Russian, and it’s been years since I did my GCSE in Russian, so please forgive my attempts at translation (if only there was some sort of online tool for this kind of thing):

“North Cape” – part of the project “Extreme Earth”. Andrei Shapran working on it since 2005 year – a year in the South Kuril Islands (2005-06, 2010, 2013), in Yakutia, on the Yamal Peninsula in the Krasnoyarsk region (Norilsk and Dudinka), twice in expeditions in Chukotka (2008 and 2015.) three months in the north of Kamchatka (2007).

Like I said, my Russian is a bit patchy. Fortunately, the photos speak for themselves.


The photos are mainly of small settlements, some still in use, some long since abandoned. Some were cold war military outposts, some mining towns. All of them look soulless, barren and grey. The images aren’t in black and white, but you have to look closely to see that. They’re some of the most interesting, depressing and atmospheric photographs I’ve ever seen.

Here’s the link to Andrei’s work.
A quick Google search of his name will take you to many more of his amazing images – especially here.

And while we’re doing Siberia, don’t forget this post, from warmer times back in 2009.

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