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  1. A day af national mourning in Australia today, flags at halfmast etc. Royal Commission into the disaster starts next week.

  2. On behalf of the South African community living in Australia, a big thank you for beating the one-eyed Aussie cricket supporters and moving the Proteas to the number 1 ranking in world cricket (test and ODI)!
    .-= Delboy´s last blog ..P!nk =-.

  3. The current Aussie crop are a far cry from the ones described in this piece from the Guardian today:

    Dean Jones had a story neatly summing up Border’s macho captaincy. In 44C heat, 80% humidity, in Madras, Jones had been batting for some time when “my whole body was breaking down, I was dehydrated, I started urinating in my pants, I was walking to the side of the pitch and vomiting,” – making conditions interesting for the fielders, I expect – “So I said to AB, ‘I can’t go on mate, I’m done,’ and he said, ‘That’s fine, we’ll get a real Australian, we’ll get a Queenslander out there,’ so I carried on.”

    “I nearly killed him off,” recalls Border with the ghost of a smile.

  4. Po > OK – maybe that one. And maybe “Awesome” or something like that.

    Rob > Punctuation – always necessary.

    Stan > Your Royal Commission – our Queen. We still hold your reins.

    Delboy > Love the way you have to turn this to SA’s benefit.

    Jacques > Great passage. I hear the Aussies are under fire back home. Ponting hanging on. Like Hussey nearly did. (But didn’t.)

  5. Mrs 6k > It might just have been the alcohol crying…

    Val > I don’t know. Raising your game against Australia in the cricket is easy – much like raising your game against the All Blacks in rugby. They are historically the best team, whatever the current rankings say. I don’t know if England will do that against SA.

    theflipside > is funny. But your bowlers were crap.

    HH > I loved the celebration. He knew it was the last big thing he would do it test cricket.

    Emil > is funny. But your bowlers were crap.

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