No words necessary II

But sometimes rules must be broken and incisive footballing acumen documented:

Kevin Miles, of the Football Supporters’ Federation, said: “I feel a mixture of delight and relief, especially after the disappointment of missing out on Euro 2008.
“But all the emotions are positive and we have the best chance in years in South Africa. A 100 per cent record in competitive international matches is a pretty good basis for a World Cup campaign. If they keep it up, then we will win.”

Brilliant, Kevin. If England win all their games in South Africa, then they will win the World Cup. And presumably, to do so, all they need to do is score more goals than the opposition. Who knew?

7 thoughts on “No words necessary II

  1. Polokwane would also be a good place to base England. As there is absolutely nothing to do there except fight the local bakkie drivers, i reckon in a week or 2 ,the England supporters should be able to hunt down Mad Bob. Fix the electric fence on the Limpopo & sort Malema out once & for all. 🙂

  2. ctguy > I think it really depends on where they’re playing their matches. No point in being based in Rustenburg if their games are in PE, Durbs or CPT.

    DW > That’s such an old-fashioned view of England footy fans.

  3. 6000> The ICF & Bushwhackers will be tasked with sorting out the locals & each other, whilst the “Northern Expeditionary Force” led by the Blades Business Crew & the Birmingham Zulus (due to their local knowledge) will be tasked with crossing the Limpopo to secure supplies of Zambezi & Chibuku Shake Shake as the local Castle lager is undrinkable pish! 🙂

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