No, Seriously?

Quick plug for something you might want to do with a spare evening over the festive period and which we did last night: Alan Committie’s latest show No, Seriously? at Theatre on the Bay (and then later at Pieter Toerien Main Theatre – Johannesburg And Reef).

I was a little reluctant to go along – with seat rights in the middle, right at the front (3rd row, at least) at the intimate TotB, it promised to be totes awkies if he didn’t amuse – but I trusted in Mrs 6k’s judgement and I’m glad I did.

Look, it’s pretty silly humour for much of the time, but there’s no problem with that after a Peroni or two at Primi around the corner.
Without wanting to give too much away, tourists, Red Sightseeing Buses, Diep River and – memorably – Pinelands, come in for some serious ribbing. Committie’s Nokia 5110 carrying alter-ego Johan van der Walt makes an appearance, along with abrasive clairvoyant Trevor Tahor with his nasal “I don’t like you. You’re an unpleasant person with a very negative aura.”

In fact, the interaction with the audience throughout was fantastic – very entertaining.

The second half of the show was especially good, with “a little bit of politics” as Ben Elton would say, as well as a wonderful re-enactment of Dirty Dancing, which has to be seen to be believed.

All in all, some light-hearted fun ahead of the holiday.

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Disclosure: I have nothing to disclose. The tight fisted git completely ignored my request for free tickets and thus this was an evening funded entirely from my wife’s pocket. I’m merely sharing my experience with you so you can go and enjoy it too. Although I doubt that my wife will pay for you as well.

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