No Parking


The typical South African mentality that certain rules apparently don’t apply to certain people (see previous posts referring to speed limits, seat belts, CTICC disabled zones etc etc) has obviously prevailed into 2012.

This double cab was helpfully parked directly in front of the rather obvious No Parking sign on the road to the beach this morning, preventing anyone and everyone else from getting through.

Fine work, Sir (and/or Madam).

5 thoughts on “No Parking

  1. I have just come across your blog. I am a born and bred Capetonian (38 years old). I did, however, spent time in London from 1998-2000 (as a traveller) and then immigrated to the UK (London again) from mid-2006 to end of 2010. I hold a British passport (father born in, yes, thats right, London).

    The point I want to make is that, by removing myself from SA culture and living in the UK, and then returning, I have come to exactly the same conclusion as you (which I would not have even noticed unless I had lived somewhere else): South Africans are LAWLESS. Every day my jaw drops at, in particular, our driving. No indicating, hogging the fast lane, parking anywhere, no servicing and billowing smoke out the back (where oh where is an MOT system – first thing I would introduce were I made President), etc etc. I often wonder what goes on (or doesn’t) in these people’s minds. Is it deliberate, or pure ignorance, or a heady mix?

    Ta ra

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