No foul

Lobbed this up on Facebook already, but I thought it deserved a more permanent home here as well.

This is my beloved Sheffield United’s 170cm, 57kg striker Stefan Scougall being “eased out of the way” by Bradford City’s Rory McArdle during this weekend’s game, prompting the Metro headline:

Referee somehow doesn’t award the most obvious penalty in history during Bradford City v Sheffield United

As you can see, Simon Hooper, the referee is well positioned, sees it all and THINKS THAT’S OK.
The score was 0-0 at the time and thankfully, United went on to win. That’s great, but it does mean that this will probably be brushed under the carpet, whereas someone at the Football League should actually be asking the ref to justify his outrageous decision.

Youtube of the game highlights here, and of the incident in question here.

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