No fibbing…

Ah – remember those happy days in Miss Merrill’s maths classes?
Of course you don’t, because you weren’t at my school.  
I quite liked maths. Not quite as much as science, but a whole lot more than geography. Not quite as much as languages, but a whole lot more than woodwork. You get the idea.

One of my favourite bits of mathematics are the Fibonacci numbers – which are the numbers in the following sequence:

0,\;1,\;1,\;2,\;3,\;5,\;8,\;13,\;21,\;34,\;55,\;89,\;144,\; \ldots.

By definition, the first two Fibonacci numbers are 0 and 1, and each remaining number is the sum of the previous two. It’s straightforward stuff.

Fibonacci numbers are clever. If you draw a quarter circle inside squares in a Fibonacci sequence, and you make the serkel beeger, then you get a Fibonacci spiral – amazing.

You can learn more about the Fibonacci Numbers on wikipedia. However, I have yet to find a website with pictures of hot chicks demonstrating mathematical principles.

But I will keep looking.

4 thoughts on “No fibbing…

  1. No… I can see you’re struggling with finding a hot chick to demonstrate – it’s really hard to take your eyes off that spiralling arc of water. Being that it’s water, I’m thinking the hot chick would have to be wearing a bikini, but that could be a big ask. Not sure maths can ever be sexed up…
    .-= Helga Hansen´s last blog ..Every princess needs a crown =-.

  2. Thank you for furthering my mathematical education.

    I never realised that mathematics could be so visually appealing.

    Now, can you find me a smilarly interesting picture to explain the proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem?
    .-= Ro´s last blog ..Soaps or Sex? =-.

  3. HH > Of course maths can be sexed up. Start with nowt, you can only get better.

    Ro > Sadly not. Yet.

    Stan > Ja – me too – “almost”.

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